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Our Staff:

Kevin J. McElligott, BS, Med.
Executive Director

Ramona Bosse, RN, CDDN
Clinical Manager

Barbara A. Plummer,
Training Specialist

Linda M. Peterson, BA
Reporting Analyst

Laurie Gillott
Sr. Administrative Assistant

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The goal of the KEPRO HCQU is to assure that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are positively influenced by the work of the KEPRO HCQU and receive the highest quality healthcare in order to enable them to enjoy life to its fullest potential. The KEPRO HCQU provides physical and behavioral health related trainings to MR service delivery systems and support staff so they can better assist people with I/DD. The KEPRO HCQU also collects data in order to focus activities on improving the quality of care for individuals with I/DD.

KEPRO HCQU Mission Statement

The mission of the KEPRO HCQU is to assure the realization of its goal through various avenues. Many projects are focused on building capacity in the community to support healthcare professionals and those who work with individuals with I/DD. Training is presented on physical and behavioral health topics as related to people with I/DD, and technical assistance is provided to those who support people in the system.

The KEPRO HCQU works with the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs and Administrative Entities within the KEPRO HCQU region to continuously improve the quality of healthcare delivery systems and outcomes by disseminating information and building capacity throughout the KEPRO HCQU’s eight-county service area so individuals with I/DD may receive quality healthcare.

Management Oversight Committee

The activities of the KEPRO HCQU are directed by a Management Oversight Committee (MOC) comprised of representatives of each of the Administrative Entities within the KEPRO HCQU region.

The KEPRO HCQU service area includes the following counties/joinders: Allegheny, Bedford/Somerset, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Washington and Westmoreland.

Disclaimer: Information or education provided by the KEPRO HCQU is not intended to replace medical advice from the consumer's personal care physician, existing facility policy or federal, state and local regulations/codes within the agency jurisdiction. The information provided is not all-inclusive of the topic presented.
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